Saturday, March 29, 2008

You make my day award!

Well, I just got tagged by one of my favorite artist. So, here goes.

I am passing the "You Make My Day" award to the following people (These are my most favorite artist out there. I have enjoyed collecting all kinds of goodies from them)

Back Porch Pickins
Rusty Creek Primitives
Olde Cape Primitives
Gritty Arts Studio
Pywackit Primivites
Allegany Annies
The Crackling Crows

Most of these ladies have been folk artist much longer than I..I just started. They are such an inspiration to me and I hope to be just as successful as anyone of them. I love you all!


Annie said...

awww Jen that is so sweet of you... Thank you so much for thinking of me..I am honored!! I hope you Have a great day...
I am adding your blog to my link list soon as I get in there...
Hugs Annie

grittyartsstudio said...

Awwwwh...thanks so much Jenny! Keep up the good work painting!!

Jenny said...

Wow, my favorite artist added me to their page. I am honored. "I am very new at folk art so it really thrills me to have such lovely people rooting for me."