Sunday, March 30, 2008

View from my desk

Well, here is where I sit. Yes, this is my office believe it or not. It looks like a doll museum! The witch in the foreground is by Ivonne Brown from The Crackling Crows she was kind enough to make her for me! All my dolls are so very special to me. I almost need a bigger office! Thanks so much to everyone that I collect from, they all make me very happy and everyone that comes and visits me are truly amazed, they have never seen anything like my collection. It is so much fun


~Tonya said...

WOW!! That is some collection. You are so lucky to have so many wonderful dolls, from so many talented artists.

I wouldn't get much done if all of them were in my office. So much in your office to love.

I had to click on it to super size it and see it in great detail. Thanks for sharing.


P.S. I see Honey bear :)

Jenny said...

Well, honestly, some times I just sit in there and admire them all. I do have a really cozy red velvet couch in there I like to sit on and knit. It is such a wonderful place to just hang. This picture only shows one All around there is beautiful things to look at...I am obsessed with pretty! Love and blessings.

Pea said...

What a wonderful collection. So many talented artists is right. There is so many to choose from how could ya have just one or two?
I know that I wouldn't get nothing done. Their little smiles would have me day dreaming of my dollie days.
Thanks for sharing.

Annie said...

Oo0 how cool is that...I love seeing all the dollies and getting a idea of how big or small some really are as its hard to tell when it is just one in a picture..Thank you Jen for sharing this..Its so awesome to see them all together like that!!Hugs Annie

Cookie said...

Happened upon your blog and holy schnike -
talk about a room with a view! wowowow ... I want to come over for a closer look!

love your blog - You've got a collection of dandies there.

I lived in the foothills west of Castle Rock for many years and still miss life there.

Jenny said...

Wow, thanks everyone for the great comments on my collection. :) I really do fantasize about owning a doll museum! HEEHEE. If it weren't for all those talented ladies out there, well, I wouldn't have such a fabulous collection