Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tracy Lewis Watercolors

I fell in love with this gorgeous watercolor by Tracy Lewis. Being a big fan of skull artwork, I had to have this one. Get your very own limited edition print here
Albino Deer copy
I also bought this one.  Both these beauties are going to look amazing once framed. I cannot wait!  I LOVE collecting art! It is so satisfying 🙂

Hanging in the hood

I drove by my old house.  Always a special place in my heart for all the work I put into her.
 Custom cabinets, metal hood, spa bath all designed from scratch by me.  I love my job!
Sunny today, high of 65! LOVE IT!

My Furniture Wish List

Growing up in the country of Ohio has helped make me appreciate the Americana and Primitive Heritage.I am drooling over these pieces for my great room.  To sit behind the couch.  I want something skinny, so maybe I could have a custom made piece.  I love the blue and teal colors, but that won’t work with the green in the paintings, so black would have to do. 

These pieces were made by Pawley’s cottage, right here in the USA.  Another big thing I look for in the products I buy.  
Check out more Buffett & Sideboards

I am also drooling over this primitive French Country style TV cabinet at pegrack for the living room.  I also found a great French Country style store online called Belle Escape are so pretty.  I found some things that would look amazing in my bedroom. Like this Provencial Floral Chicken Wire lamp,  the French Plantation Salon Chair , the Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table and the Weather Grey Castle Console Table

The Golden Super Cruise 2015

We went to the Golden Super Cruise last night.  the Gremlin isn’t finished getting paint so no cruising for us.  Saw some familiar faces and cars.  It was hot so we ended our night with frozen slushies at Sonic.  The sun was shining pretty bright casting shadows, so I didn’t get as many shots in as I normally would. A clever wife takes a hobby her husband loves and makes it into something of her own.  In my case my automobile photography.  Emblem art is what I call it. You can see my whole collection here – Automobiles in Art
These are some of the best shots of the night available They are available on Twenty20 as well as Society6.
I love how these pillow turned out on Society6!  Great decor for the man cave!  
This shirt turned out pretty neat too!
 This bike was awesome.  Look at all the details!
I love this car. Reminds me of who? James Bond! I bet that is fun to drive in the mountains.
- See more at: http://acleverwife.com/golden-super-cruise-society6-update/#sthash.4Vp6YDE2.dpuf

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas 2015

 Here are just a few scenes from Christmas

Dana enjoying some Daddy time.

Thank you Tipsy Elves and Shinesty for the adorable Prize Winning Ugly Sweater outfit! 

Ivy wasn't thrilled about her santa hat.
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Auto Salvage Yard 2015

I took a trip to the auto salvage yard yesterday.  It was way to sunny for full car photo's so I opted for some texture and color in my shots.  You can see all my images on Twenty20

I wanted to take this green rusty truck with me.  They rarely sell full vehicles here anymore.  But, baby this was perfect and weathered!

I also added some art to my Society6 page.  Go check it out

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Paintings that inspire me

I am in love with these transparent watercolors.  The artist is amazing and this inspires me to learn water color.  Not anything I have worked on much.  I aspire to create!

I am completely in love with the DM Collection by the amazing Daniel Mackie who makes me have a unique look at art.  Almost a tinge of jealousy I didn't think of it first.  I am seeing a pattern of repetition in art and what makes an artist worthy of collecting.

Prints and cards are available on their site  DM Collection

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Flaws in my Moo Carve

The darn marks from the cellophane wrapping showed up on my stamp...so I took a light grit sanding block to it....

Weekend cleaning....not fun

My handmade pottery collection filled to the brim with all my illustration supplies.  I seriously have a lot of markers!!!  It has been a busy weekend of cleaning house and doing some fall projects on the yard.

I also received a new "old" vintage chair handed down from my sister in law.  I am inspired to refurbish it and make it whimsical for my huge studio.  Ivy here has already claimed it.  It's kind of funny when you purposefully have furniture just for your cats. :)

The weather was amazing this weekend as well.  I wish I could of went on a photoshoot.  I really have to force myself to make time outside of my 9-3 job.  Even though I have great hours, I still find it hard to get all that I want to do done!  That is probably why I have my camera ready to shoot at anytime!  Rusty gems await me.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

My new obsession - Homemade stamps

I am so addicted to this new art form.  Too bad my rubber is all marked up from the manufacturer. :(  Still loving the creation process though!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Custom Painted Tile

 Our new backsplash is installed.  I commissioned my dear friend Joan Cimyotte of Crow Productions.