Sunday, October 4, 2015

My new obsession - Homemade stamps

I am so addicted to this new art form.  Too bad my rubber is all marked up from the manufacturer. :(  Still loving the creation process though!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Custom Painted Tile

 Our new backsplash is installed.  I commissioned my dear friend Joan Cimyotte of Crow Productions.  

My first set of stamps

When I first started creating these stamps I found a lot of lines on the surface.  I originally thought it was my kitty scratching it. But then I noticed it is on all of my rubber and it is from the cellophane packaging.  What?  Come on!!  Seriously what is up with that?  Anyone have suggestions on how to fix it or is it something I have to return?  Oh well, I am playing with a lot of little designs for my first set.  But, you can definitely see the imperfections.  This will not do!!

I have a lot of practice to do.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


I finally uploaded some of my images to Flicker.  These are some of my favorite colors.
See more of my photography here  photos copyright Jennifer CC Carter 2004-till then end of time.

Stone Fireplace

We finally finished our stone fireplace! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mini Mackery

I am spending some time in the studio today while the fireplace is being worked on.  I am brainstorming on ideas for a new art medium I want to play with - stamp making & water colors. 

I ordered all of my supplies and went through my marker stash to find out most of them are running out of in.  Ugg!  

I went on a Mini Mackery retreat last week featuring artist Geninne.  I fell in love with her style and her art immediately.  It turns out her birthday is one day before mine.  It is so easy for me to gravitate towards my fellow creative Virgo's out there.  

Here are some pictures from the retreat in Longmont.  It was fun seeing a bit more nature and getting out of the city.  It makes me feel like I work at my day job too much.  I really want to stay at home and create all day.....who doesn't?


I love this little handmade chicken coop! So darn cute.  I had my fantasy of owning a farm popping in my head all day out here.  Love it 

Everyone's art was so inspiring!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Portrait of Me

This is a portrait of me painted by my dear friend Joan Cimyotte the woman who inspires me the most, especially in writing and idea creation. (if you love romantic comedies you have to get her book.
 This painting is going to be shown at a local coffee shop on South Pearl, called Stellas.

You can see Joan's work on her website (that I designed for her.

Happy Monday

It is a happy Monday - It is suppose to get up to 50 degrees.  It might melt some of this snow.  Though, that in and of itself can be a muddy mess.  But, i welcome it for a change as I am already sick of winter. The duck on a sheep is by artist Carry Jones Murtha of Snippet Girl.  I love her, the work she does for the kitties, her style and her art.  

Here is my little and oldest gal.  She was bottle fed and is a little bit of a snob. But, we love her.
It is Saturday, I have to decide what (out of all my projects) I will accomplish today. Do I sew, paint or do both.

What I should be doing is writing the next chapter of my children's book.  These two are my main characters.  Sam the protagonist and Winter's Queen my antagonist.  What a fun little story I am creating. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

So many things to do

I am procrastinating putting my little handmade tree away.  It's just so lovely there! Don't you think? 

I have been feeling a bit cooped up lately.  The bad weather makes me want to hibernate.  I have been eager to go shoot photo's so I am just going around the house capturing my spaces collection of decor and sharing on Instagram

Friday, January 2, 2015

My love for the color RED

Winter is definitely FINALLY here.  My beloved red jacket is out and I am loving it.  Lots of people think red is my color.  I do not know why I always take pictures of me with out any lick of make up!  

One of my many hobbies is shooting photo's of some of my favorite things Hotrods, Flowers, Typography and the Color Red Check out my IG Photography

Sew or not to sew

In the studio today, taking photo's of art and trying to get motivated to do some upholstery! Sometimes sewing drives me crazy.  That damn machine has a mind of it's own and being the control freak that I can be...well, me no likey!!  That little contraption is a two bit wh*$@ in my book.
Ha, but I am being candid.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015

I really have not been the type to make new years resolutions.  For me, I feel a person should always strive to be or do better no matter if it is a new year or not. That being said, however, I do have some things on my bucket list - and now that I have more time going into 2015 I hope to get some of that accomplished.  Like reading my good friends novel Minor' Pass.   Joan is releasing her second part of the book this winter and I have yet to read the first half!

While I was in my bedroom complicating my new year, I decided to take some photos.  I love the romance and girly feeling you get from my art collection.  Thankfully, I have a husband who lets me decorate however I want.  At least I do not strewn pink in every room.  I have my limits!

The weather here has gotten colder after a pretty mild fall and early winter. I am not a big fan of negative zero - honestly is there anyone out there that is? I'd rather be skiing in the mountains, but oh well.  The only thing I get out of the house for this week is the grocery and pet supply store!  Burr, I am fine staying up in my craft room creating magic! lol

I am totally digging my Christmas present - Jimmy Choo Wellingtons!

I hope you all stay warm and enjoy the first day of 2015!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014!

It was a busy year for me.  I have finally accomplished my goals from 2009 and turned my Associates degree into a Bachelors in Graphic Design. You can see my work from the last year at Carter Design Studio blog. 

 I feel great going into 2015 with a large to do list to get my craft room finished and to start making art again. It is an exciting time and I cannot wait.  Next up for 2015 is to finish my children's book.  Some of the characters in this book are in the next photo.