Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Frida Art Journal Page 3

I finished another page in my Frida Kahlo Art Journal this morning.  This piece was inspired by the Art of Lulu of My Pink Turtle.  I love everything about this woman.  She is truly an inspiration to many.  My favorite is her garden and her brood of chickens, cats and her eccentric doll collection. 

I had a migraine so I was not up to anything bigger than a journal page this morning. They are so much easier for me to handle than those larger pieces.  I received some of my supplies for the Willowing courses and will be experimenting with new mediums soon.  Excited!!!

This piece is available in a print.  Signed prints will be up in my Etsy shop soon.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My Koala Bear and I

Art therapy today was difficult at first.  I started a totally different painting.  Got discouraged on how it was turning out so I put it aside.  Started a new one.  Same thing happens there. So I decide I will just paint over both canvases with black and call it a morning.  Then the black paint dumps on my desk and splatters all over my easel onto a few other things ...and my robe...yes I still had my robe on!  At the same time my sister is repeat texting me on what I assume is needing my help! AHHHH.  I screamed for a bit.  Then watch a Willowing's Inner Child video.  How can you be in a bad mood after that?! So I ended up creating this after gaining some much needed inspiration.  I had to use acrylic as my water color crayons are "in the mail".    I was frustrated probably on the first 90% of this.  Layering in acrylics they have a saying...ugly phases.  I am getting used to these ugly phases and working past it.  I had to leave and comeback to this probably 4 times throughout the day.  It took me 4 hours I think.  I am getting better with my accepting the time it takes to paint larger.

Signed prints available on Etsy  (proceeds from my artwork listed on Etsy go toward TNR and rescue efforts for homeless cats)  Unsigned prints in varying sizes available on Society 6.  Click on image to order.  Want yours personalized? Just send me a note.