Saturday, June 25, 2016

Free Klimt Inspired Color Page

Happy Saturday!  I wasn't able to craft this week because of some medical issues.  Now that I am ready to get back into it, I have a whole list of things I want to do.  One is to start offering color pages.  Since I couldn't make anything new, I edited a piece I made for art history.  Just click on the image, right click and save to print.  Print as many as you like and color away!  Feel free to share with me!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Painted Ball Jars

I was in the middle of cleaning my craft room when I realized I need more pottery for all my brushes. Well, I was already using all of my collection already for my many pencils, pens, markers etc. So, I got inspired by Pinterest and painted these cute Ball Jars with craft paint.  Some tutorials say to use chalk paint, but craft paint dries with a matte finish so it worked perfectly.  My tip to any perfectionists out there.  Use the small edge of a sanding block.  Only on the areas that you want to show thru.  Then once you have what you like, give a second coat only to the areas you want covered better.  For quick drying, use a blow dryer. :)

Friday, June 10, 2016

Free Digital Friday - Itty Bitty American Flag

It is Friday so I thought I would start offering a free digital download.  First up is this simple flag.  Print it yourself and make your own little craft projects,  Here I have just taped the ends together, stuffed them with fiberfill and used a sparkly twist tie for the stem.  I also used a hole punch and connected them all with twine to make a little garland.  For the flags I used little dowels.  This was so easy to do and would make a great craft for the kids to make.  These make great fast and easy party decor or favors.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Patriotic Graphic Pattern Set

I finished this up this morning.  I have included versions of with and without the white depending how you want to print.  Above I printed without the white onto craft paper, which is my favorite.  These also come with just round banner tags as well for easier cutting.  Happy Crafting - There are a lot of things you can do with these patterns - as I add to them I will post some ideas as well.  

I am hoping to add more banners and other graphics to this soon.  You can get your digital download in my ETSY Shop

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Patriotic Melania Trunk

 Melanie Trunk is in my Etsy shop here
It's been a busy day and now I have to clean up my mess.  That is it for the doll making this week.  Is it Wednesday already?  Tomorrow I look forward to creating more graphics and if I have more free time well maybe a little painting. Hopefully you enjoyed this weeks creations so far.

New - Little Trinket Box

Started a quick little trinket box this morning before continuing my doll making. It is available here

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Peonies & First Ladies

I bought these gorgeous Peonies from the grocery, today.  I have been obsessed with these ever since we transplanted a couple from a demolition site.  They would be amazing - If they live thru it, that is.  

Melania Trunk is coming along.  I'm letting her dry out naturally and reserving her oven time for tomorrow.  I am still undecided on what she could wear on her head.  Is a gold crown too fancy for first lady? *wink

Raggedy Uncle Sam Make-do

This fun item is now available in my ETSY shop here
Americana is my favorite.  And I just learned that the Hobby Lobby near me is not only closer, it is less expensive than JoAnn fabrics and they have a better selection of materials for the 4th of July.

Today, I am working on Melania Trunk to pair with Donald Trunk.  Then hopefully frung a few flags and bowl fillers to go along with the Americana theme this month.  Ivy Bee enjoyed helping me stuff the doll this morning. :)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Blume Dame

Blume  - the French word for flower.  
Dame - the female equivalent to a knight.  

I added just one more IG page to my collection.  Seeing how I am obsessed with flowers and cars it just made sense to create their own pages.   Cars and Flowers is that kind of like Ying and Yang - Male and Female?  

Follow my flower photography page @blume_dame

Friday, June 3, 2016

National Donut Day

Of course my husband was the one to inform me that it is National Donut Day.  I made donut graphics in honor of the day that I cannot celebrate since I am gluten intolerant.  I love them but they do not love me.  Thankfully, gluten free food is trending right now so I can get some pretty good pastries.  Just not good bagels or donuts.  There is something about that flour!  
If you like free digital downloads of these donuts IM me.  I will be creating new stock illustrations every week.  I love drawing in Illustrator, so I figured I'd give it a try.  They will be offered in my ETSY shop soon.

Here is the first set of pattern's I will be offering.  Get a digital download for personal use in my etsy shop

Crafting Again! Finally.

Hi friends!  My first week back to creating and apart from a few moments of frustration, I am happy to announce I didn't do too bad for not creating a doll in almost 6 years.  I love how "Donald" turned out.  Yep, you guessed it, he is named after the GOP frontrunner and potential nominee.  Whether you hate that or love that, this Donald is undeniably cute.  And well if you haven't figured out why he is an elephant than you need a bit of educating. **wink.  

This fella took me three days off and on.  Things are a bit different now than last time.  For one, I have to wear reading glasses to see what I am doing.  I also find that I need a clean work area.  I went into this project with a bit of a mess already and I kept losing things amongst the mess.  Ha  So, after I finished I cleaned and organized. So happy thought that I have my large studio space.  I can keep my office area separate and clean while I throw fabric around my crafts space. lol

Check out Donald's Listing here

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tracy Lewis Watercolors

I fell in love with this gorgeous watercolor by Tracy Lewis. Being a big fan of skull artwork, I had to have this one. Get your very own limited edition print here
Albino Deer copy
I also bought this one.  Both these beauties are going to look amazing once framed. I cannot wait!  I LOVE collecting art! It is so satisfying 🙂

Hanging in the hood

I drove by my old house.  Always a special place in my heart for all the work I put into her.
 Custom cabinets, metal hood, spa bath all designed from scratch by me.  I love my job!
Sunny today, high of 65! LOVE IT!

My Furniture Wish List

Growing up in the country of Ohio has helped make me appreciate the Americana and Primitive Heritage.I am drooling over these pieces for my great room.  To sit behind the couch.  I want something skinny, so maybe I could have a custom made piece.  I love the blue and teal colors, but that won’t work with the green in the paintings, so black would have to do. 

These pieces were made by Pawley’s cottage, right here in the USA.  Another big thing I look for in the products I buy.  
Check out more Buffett & Sideboards

I am also drooling over this primitive French Country style TV cabinet at pegrack for the living room.  I also found a great French Country style store online called Belle Escape are so pretty.  I found some things that would look amazing in my bedroom. Like this Provencial Floral Chicken Wire lamp,  the French Plantation Salon Chair , the Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table and the Weather Grey Castle Console Table

The Golden Super Cruise 2015

We went to the Golden Super Cruise last night.  the Gremlin isn’t finished getting paint so no cruising for us.  Saw some familiar faces and cars.  It was hot so we ended our night with frozen slushies at Sonic.  The sun was shining pretty bright casting shadows, so I didn’t get as many shots in as I normally would. A clever wife takes a hobby her husband loves and makes it into something of her own.  In my case my automobile photography.  Emblem art is what I call it. You can see my whole collection here – Automobiles in Art
These are some of the best shots of the night available They are available on Twenty20 as well as Society6.
I love how these pillow turned out on Society6!  Great decor for the man cave!  
This shirt turned out pretty neat too!
 This bike was awesome.  Look at all the details!
I love this car. Reminds me of who? James Bond! I bet that is fun to drive in the mountains.
- See more at: