Thursday, January 18, 2018

Watercolor Crayons

YEAH!  I am so happy right now! My watercolor crayons from Blick Online have arrived.  I also got 180lb watercolor paper.   I took this page off the block before painting, but then realized why you would want to leave it on the block very soon afterword....little warping when using a lot of water.  I guess it doesn't do that at all when you leave it together.  They are actually super fun to use and time saving!  I did this little thing in a half hour.  I like that!!!  The best thing to remember when painting with water color is that if you want negative space don't paint on it or ad masking fluid prior to painting. I will be busy watching all sorts of youtube videos to learn more.  

Not Art?

What ever happened to the the phrase, "art is subjective".  I'm not formally trained in fine art, so I say I agree with this fellow....there are plenty of outsiders and folk artists that would agree.  This is art!  Art I could aspire to do and this guy has a fine art degree! :P Love you dude!